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× Please be advise that the IT team has retired the Autodesk_2017 application effective June 17th 2021. Please use the replacement resource called "Design Lab".


Welcome to the Centennial College ClassAPPs system. ClassAPPs is a system that allows you to access virtual desktop computers (These desktops have lab applications installed) and college licensed applications on your own device. It is available for use while on campus via the CCwSecure college wireless network and also when not on campus as long as you have a decent Internet (minimum, 20 mbps download and 2 mbps upload) connection. The college IT team has deployed an initial suite of virtual desktops and applications for you to use on the platform. We will be adding to this suite of resources so be sure to check the system for application additions and updates. If you require help connecting to the system please click on the help videos link below. If you require further assistance please see your local campus IT service desk or place ticket with the college helpdesk service.


To access the system you need to have a valid college network ID. This is the same ID you use to login to a college administrative or lab computer system. The system officially supports Windows 7+, MAC OSX 10.5+, IOS 7+ and Android JellyBean+

ClassAPPs Login

Enhance you experience by installing the VMware Horizon View client on your computer.We have created videos to show you how you can do this.

- Windows Client
- MAC Client
- Chrome OS (Chromebooks)

Need Help? Email Helpdesk

Help Videos

The Centennial College IT department has created a series of help videos to help the college community. Please click here to review the catalog of help videos. .


To download the VMware View client please click the button below

To download the VMware View client please click here --------- To download the VMware View client please click here --------- chromeOS --------- chromeOS


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